Still haven’t crafted a cat yet

A couple of gaming related distractions:

I have not played Baldur’s Gate 3 but I cannot recommend enough the video Can You Beat Baldur’s Gate 3 As a Cat? if you have played any games at all in the genre or want to be entertained by cat (and eventually herd of cats) attempting to go on an epic quest. For more context: druids in BG3 have a cat form, and the video shows an attempt to beat the game from this form, which has a variety of limitations. Unsurprisingly, the game was not intended to be played this way. It’s an impressive showcase of both the player’s ingenuity and the open world game structure that so much is possible as a cat anyway.

If you want to exercise your own ingenuity, Infinite Craft is a nice browser game in the genre of “combine elements to get new items, combine them more to get more things”. There’s more clever wordplay in this version than others I’ve tried. Besides the usual “Sand and Fire make Glass” type stuff, you get some fantastical stuff  like “Moon and Dragon makes Werewolf”, can generate abstract concepts like Optimism and Laughter, and some really weird things like Sharknados, Santa Claus Dressing, Super Miso Soup, and Jackson Pollock. If you are lucky you can create a discovery nobody else has found yet. So far, I’ve discovered Mulled Beans and an Ecoark (nope, no idea what those are).

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