Knit Lace Sampler: Patterns Seven and Eight

Knitting has slowed down as the days are my recreation time turns more into sitting outside reading in the evening than knitting while watching TV. But since my last update I have two more patterns completed in my sampler.

Sampler Pattern Seven

Pattern seven has a subtle diamond shape formed by four small clusters in the middle of a diamond of eyelets. This didn’t turn out very distinct for me. The end fabric has a nice balance of openness and bulk though. I could imagine this pattern even scaling up to a fingering or sport weight yarn nicely.

Sampler Pattern Eight

Pattern eight is a very simple repeat of an open netting type lace. With just an eight row repeat and the pattern worked over a multiple of six stitches, this could be a good pick for a larger piece where you don’t want too much complexity to keep track of while you work. I’ve got some yarn I’ve been saving for a summer throw (something to keep the chill and/or bugs off sitting outside once it starts getting dark) and this could fit the bill.

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