Knit Lace Sampler: Pattern Six

Knit Lace Pattern Six

I’m not thrilled with out pattern six turned out. Perhaps blocking with help, but my sinuous lines of eyelets seem uneven to me and overall the piece looks a bit messy. I’d suspect my tension needed to be tighter, but that would make the eyelets even less visible. But there is supposed to be a subtle shading difference in the way the stitches lay in the lower and upper portion of each curve, and that just isn’t coming through in my work.

I am curious how this might look with a ribbon yarn. It might emphasize the lay of each stitch more than they yarn I’m working with here. It might also require some discipline to tighten up my stitch tension within the knit sections and then purposefully loosen up during the eyelets.

Six patterns in, unblocked, the sampler is now exactly two feet long. Soon I’ll have to start rolling it up to keep it managed.

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