Knit Lace Sampler: Pattern Four

Knit Lace Pattern Four

Pattern four is finished! It is a subtle pattern, and I can tell I need to start taking these photos against a better backdrop. My knits aren’t as tight as those in the sample photo so I can tell the contrast in this piece isn’t as strong between the open work triangles and the solid bands surrounding them.

It might be a result of the yarn I’m using. It has a fair bit of stretch to it which works against wanting to have a very tight knit. But I also like that because it is the most likely type and weight of yarn that I would use when knitting lace for a scarf or shawl or even a table runner. How frightening that I’m considering I might knit a lace table runner, but I have a beautiful burgundy yarn in the same weight as what I am using for the sampler and I am keeping my eye out for a pattern that might be good for a holiday accent piece.

This was another very simple pattern to work based on all of the same stitches that I’ve been using for the first three patterns. Only one row with a modified stitch pattern at the edge. I have three full repeats of the pattern here.

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