Knit Lace Sampler: Pattern Three

Knit Sampler Pattern Three

Pattern Three in my knit lace sampler is a very pretty open work diamond grid. Looking at the portion from the original sampler, that knitter finished off the tops with solid filled-in triangles next to the top edges of the last diamonds – I followed the pattern through up to the end and like the way it looks.

Stitch-wise this is the simplest pattern so far – just knits, yo and ssk. I have never been happy with my yarn over technique in knit lacework in the past so I’ve been really focusing on it here (including reading the documentation in the back of this book carefully) and I think it has paid off. The diamonds full of yo spaces turned out as open and lacy as I hoped.

This is another pattern that will benefit a lot from a good blocking, but I could see using it in the future. There’s a lot to keep track of row to row but with a few post-its I even managed to watch some television during the second half of this pattern.

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