Knit Lace Sampler: Pattern Two

Knit Lace, Pattern 2

Lace knitting is barreling along – last night I finished pattern two. This one has a fan shape that I think will look even nicer once I wash and block the piece (way off in the distant future).

The pattern threw me off a bit because the final decrease in most of the rows is different from the decrease placed between the repeats across the row. I didn’t entirely understand this from the description – it will say something like “end last row p2tog” which I originally took to mean do the p3tog at the end of the repeat and then another additional p2tog. But the stitch counts didn’t add up so then I figured it out.

It’s also a lesson that I really need to be looking at the charts as well as the text. I don’t like knitting from a chart, particularly when the purl row has actually work in it (hooray for “Even rows: P all sts”). I struggle to keep track of which direction I am working in and that I need to be reading left to right across those rows, even though I am working right to left (I think?). But, the next few patterns up have all-purl even rows, so I’m going to push myself to use the charts with the text as backup.

In all, once I got the hang of it, this was a nice pattern. There’s three repeats of a four-row pattern and then four rows of reverse stockinette so you could easily reach a point where you could keep track of the pattern in your head or with just a little cheat sheet.

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