T-minus five days to online teaching

Back to a bullet list again today:

  • Three videos recorded today, so the monotonically increasing trend continues!
  • Actually recorded five videos today, but twice the screen capture failed and I ended up with a recording of me looking at the screen describing the code I am writing that you cannot see at all. Only accidentally added one of them to the class channel before catching it and deleting.
  • I really have to do something about this typing noise thing because it seems to make my webcam drop out the audio track periodically.
  • I have a bad feeling that I am organizing things wrong in the Forum in our CMS. I might be expecting too much to go in a “conversation” and not enough in a “topic”. I’ll see how it goes and be prepared to adjust midstream.
  • Related – I can tell that two weeks from now I’ll be rolling my eyes at how many mistakes I made my first week at this. I have to keep telling myself that I won’t go back and redo lesson plans that are already done (unless they are disastrous), I’ll just keep doing better as we move forward.
  • My attempts a video “lecture” are unsatisfying, but I actually sort of like giving students video they can review of how I’ve gone about debugging something or solving a problem. There is a chance that once this is all over and we return to face to face teaching, I’ll still record a few of these to share with students as a resource.
  • Or – gasp! – I just realized that I can re-use problem solving videos I record this semester in future semester without any additional work. Amazing.
  • Because my videos tend to be a very little of me talking at the camera, and a lot of me typing in an editor, I’ve determined that having a hand-written plan for what I want to cover is helpful. I have decided that this is what I am going to use the box of my mother’s legal typewriter paper for. It is super satisfying to write on and one sheet is about equivalent to the amount I should cover in a video before it gets too long. Hooray for very, very old office supplies bringing a sense of calm and fun to this crisis.

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