T-minus six days to online teaching

Today was the day that things started to click a little. I had three online meetings including one with a student. I recorded and posted two new videos (up from my prior one-a-day pace). My bare bones list of the minimum I need done to get started is shrinking, and I’m hoping will be tied up tomorrow, and then I can focus on getting enough out ahead of things that I am not literally teaching day to day.

I’m even starting to understand Teams a bit – including the fact that I’d probably understand Teams a lot more if I’d used Slack, since I get the sense Teams borrows some of their terminology and assumes you understand it. I understand that the big “Add Channel” button with the plus sign on it adds a channel to my team, Teams, but if I don’t know what a channel is or why I would want one, that doesn’t really help me.

Had a video meeting today where all of three of us were wearing glasses and observing that we could see what was on each others’ screens in our glasses. A good note to us all that clicking away from the video chat window to check your email may be even more obvious than you think.

Tomorrow hopefully gets to be more of the same, setting in with the technologies I’ve figured out and then seeing how to use them to do what I need to. I expect I’ll start panicking again on Friday.

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