Where’s my plow?

The snow situation isn’t as bad here in Western PA as it is on much of the east coast, but while waiting for things to lighten up enough for me to go out and shovel, I’ve been playing around with Pittsburgh’s new snow plow tracker. The system itself is only live while snow is falling – access it through the button on the right.

I like the use of the “multiple vehicle” icon to keep things legible when zoomed out. It took me a bit of playing around to realize that if you adjust the “history display” slider at the bottom of the screen, you can see the routes the plows took from the target time until the current time. Which, in effect, lets you figure out which roads have been plowed in the last, say, three hours. I’d love to see an overlay of this with the Google traffic information since it’s based on a Google map but maybe that can come in version two.

It’s a testiment to how fun the system is that I’ve lost so much time playing with it even though it doesn’t actual cover any roads I’ll plausibly drive on in a snowstorm. Very interesting to see which roads never get plowed at all.

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