Sparkleponies for all

IEEE’s prediction that 85% of the tasks in our daily life will include game elements by 2020 sounds to me like a prediction that requires thinking about game elements broadly enough, it might already be true. Considering this quote in particular, “by 2020, however many points you have at work will help determine the kind of raise you get or which office you sit in”, if you’ve ever had a performance review rating you on a number scale for different job functions, congratulations, your job is gamified! Does grocery shopping get you gas points? Your errands are gamified! Students, grades aren’t a drag, they’re a gamification of your learning!

I’m not trashing on gamification – I’m intrigued by it and always love when my games students experiment with it in their projects. But, I’m dubious of the 85% number cited in the article. Even if we all start getting Sparkleponies.

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