Most fun you’ll have debugging all day

Weird Bug starts off for the first, say, 30 seconds looking like your standard puzzle-maze game, until you realize the first maze isn’t beatable, and that the real puzzle is how to go into the source code for the maze and fix it so the maze can be beat. The mazes are implemented in PuzzleScript, and the bulk of the game you’re in an IDE interface, changing the code, rebuilding, and playing your fixed level to get on to the next, broken level.

If you’ve ever coded before, you’ll be able to figure out PuzzleScript in just a minute or two of scanning the code, but there’s some tutorial information embedded in the game for those just getting started looking at code. Once you figure out the structure, you can really choose how you want to beat the mazes – I haven’t played it all the way through but I suspect you can always take the easy way out and place the goal right next to the player and move on. Which also makes the game a nice platform for thinking about level design.

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