Myself, I went with the LEGO calendar

Ringing in 2014 by shopping for a new office wall calendar, I’m happy to be able to bring you the weirdest wall calendars available right now on Amazon – free shipping for Prime members, so you know you want one of these!

I Could Pee on This 2014 Wall Calendar: So many cats, reminding you that they have a whole year’s worth of peeing on your belongings ahead of them.

Food Landscapes 2014 Wall Calendar: A Year of Scrumptious Scenes: Sure you could have a calendar of beautiful landscapes, but a calendar of beautiful landscapes reimagined through food is so much better.

Fire Trucks in Action 2014: Flame, smoke, tragic desctruction of people’s homes and workplaces, and firetrucks!

Extraordinary Chickens 2014 Wall Calendar and Just Us Chickens 2014 Wall Calendar: It’s a tie for which chicken-themed wall calendar I find most entertaining.

Sharknado 2014 Wall Calendar: 2013 brought you Sharknado; 2014 brings you Sharknado the Wall Calendar.

Menswear Dog 2014 Wall Calendar: Check out the image of the back cover to see what twelve dogs all awkwardly stuffed into suits look like. Actually, I think it is all just one dog, wearing twelve different suits.

Fold Your Own Zombie 2014 Wall Calendar: Start the year with a funny papercraft zombie! End the year trying to figure out where to keep your collection of twelve papercraft zombies! Zombies!

2014 Toilets Around the World Wall Calendar: Really, more Outhouses and Porti-Potties Around the World, but I’ll give it to them, these are some of the most scenic toilets I’ve ever seen.

Cow Abductions! 2014 Wall Calendar: Beautifully rendered images of alien’s proclivities for probing our bovine friends, with moon phase information included with each month as well (obviously).

Goats in Trees 2014 Calendar: If you only click through one of these links, click through here to enjoy both the blurb (“Simply the best Goats in Trees calendar published.”) and the single five-star review (“- All of the days in 2014 are accounted for. Check. – There are pictures of goats. Check. – The aforementioned goats are in trees. Check.”) of this amazing calendar.

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