Personal Thermostats

My first reaction is that I need one of these wristbands that lets me control the temperature as I walk around a building. Oh yeah, and you can do other gesture controls with it too, but mostly it lets you not be freezing cold all the time.

Except, it requires working in a smart building, not to mention a building with a more functional HVAC than I currently have.

I am then struck by the fact that this sounds great until hit with the reality that different people have radically different temperature comfort zones. As the only person in the building who wasn’t complaining when the heat “broke” and it was in the 80s in my office, I suspect department meetings with these devices would devolve into temperature battles. Forget the mess of figuring out what temperature to make a classroom when everybody walks in with their personalized wristbands.

I think that the real reason everybody in the sci fi future wears jumpsuits is that they are smart jumpsuits with integrated heating and cooling. I would get on the jumpsuit bandwagon if we figured that one out.

One thought on “Personal Thermostats

  1. Clever idea. This wouldn’t work well in my office housing 3 people. I’m always hot and the other two are always cold. “Temperature battles” as you indicate.

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