Save us Penguin! You’re our only hope!

I will admit I was only partially watching the NHL All-Stars game today, but my mouth was hanging open during the second intermission when they unleashed the joint project between Stan Lee and the NHL: The Guardian Project. I don’t know if I’m just behind on hearing about this, but it is utterly bizarre. Who in the world thinks that what hockey teams need are cartoon superheros based on their team names? Given that the sport is about competition between the teams, why is the story line being created seemingly that all these team heroes are going to band together to defeat the evil that is… haunting ice rinks?
I do give some points for the Maple Leafs getting an Ent knock off as their superhero. But then I take those points away for the Penguin basically just being Aquaman but with ice. At least the Shark gets awesome hacking powers….

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