Skim and Go

This latest variation on ATM skimmers is terrifying: gas pumps are being found with skimmers installed inside them, some with Bluetooth capabilities so that the thieves do not have to do anything more than park near the pump to get the card data off them. Krebs on Security has some good information on this new twist on ATM skimmers, as well as a few photos.
I don’t even know what the advice for the average consumer is here. With ATMs, you can recommend that people use machines they are familiar with and pay attention to if they appear to have been changed. But with these skimmers being internal to the gas pumps, there is nothing to see and the only advice is to watch your credit card/bank statements closely. There is also a hint that you might be slightly better off at pumps within easy sight of the cashier instead of pumps that are out of sight.
I wonder where the next variation on this is going to pop up…

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