Best Bots

I’ve noticed that whenever I teach a subject, the news appears to be disproportionately full of stories about that topic (and yes, I do understand that is not the case…). These are some of my favorites I have found recently:

  • I linked to the BigDog project several months ago – Boston Dynamics has outdone themselves, pushing their sophisticated walking abilities into a bipedal robot, Petman. The video on this is amazing! [via many places, including C.]
  • On the opposite end of the spectrum, iRobot has developed a “morphing blob” robot based on a structure of inflatable air pockets. [via many places, including J.]
  • These interconnected warehouse robots are an incredibly cool example of what modern robotics can do right now – these particular ones work together to speed up collection of items within a warehouse in preparation for shipping. Watch out for the cute “Bot Crossing” sign a minute and a half in.
  • A nice transition from this semester into the next – researchers at University of Washington have a nice summary of a paper about security and privacy risks with future household robots.
  • Finally, who doesn’t want to watch kittens on a Roomba again!

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