I am equally mathematically and pop-culturally prominent!

I think everybody knows about Bacon numbers (distance between people in the six degrees of Kevin Bacon game) and if you hang in math circles you know about Erdos numbers (publication distance from the prolific Paul Erdos) but I just found out that people have started computing Erdős–Bacon numbers (via ALOTT5MA). Traditionally one only counts credited movie appearances towards one’s Bacon number, but for this, a relaxed set of rules is adopted which gives me a Bacon-Erdos number! I get an Erdos number of 4 through a paper with my PhD advisor and I get a Bacon number of 4 through an appearance on a kid’s talk show hosted by the guy who played “Bob Dog” on Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood with Fred Rogers. That gives me a Erdos-Bacon number of 8 – one greater than Carl Sagan!

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