Still can’t figure out when that leap second happened

It’s the time of year to get yourself a new calendar – or invest in a perpetual calendar so you never have to worry about it again. If you’ve got twelve cents and a piece of cardboard, you can build yourself this little desk calendar that shows you the day’s date….. so long as you’re proficient with binary. I’d actually probably get more screwed up by remembering whether I started numbering the days of the week from zero or one, but (note to self) it would be a fun exercise to convince yourself that this is the minimum number of coins necessary to build such a thing.
Of course, I like the fun of having a new set of pretty pictures to hang on my wall each year, so I’m off to search Amazon for this year’s wall calendar. I’m thinking of going with something classic like some Escher prints. Or space photos…. Or kittens….

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