Chrome, Day Two

Oddly, Chrome actually imported all of my bookmarks except the one in my “Daily” folder to my weblog management system (I clear through spam comments and the like each morning). It took me probably ten minutes to figure out how to add a bookmark. There isn’t a Bookmark menu anymore. There is a Bookmark folder, but you can’t add a bookmark from there. Right clicking on the page, or it’s tab, doesn’t do it. Right clicking on the URL in the address bar doesn’t do it. It turns out there are two ways to do it – either click on the star next to the address bar when you are viewing the page you want to bookmark, or right click on the bookmarks folder you want to add the page to. The learning curve is a bit steeper than I’d like, especially for something as straightforward as adding a bookmark.
If you are entering text in a text box (say while commenting on a weblog), and you don’t like the size of it, you can resize it! I’m sure this only works for some ways of setting up text boxes, but the idea that you can have a modestly sized input area with a scroll bar but let the user make it larger (though possibly less aesthetic) if it would be more convenient for them is pretty cool.
I have started noticing that I miss some of my add-ons from Firefox. Download Statusbar and PDF Download are useful for the way I use my course management system with my classes. I miss my Forecastbar. But what is going to drive me back to Firefox is the lack of Mouse Gestures.

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