Too many projects

My goal for the summer is to end it with fewer projects, not more, but there are so many cute crafty projects out there that I keep running across. You can never have too many fun summer dresses, and I really like the shape on this jersey swing dress. The pattern is a bit vague though – I need to print it out and think about it before I try it. I like patterns that are more guidelines in theory, but there is something nice about the pin and cut on the lines types.
If you aren’t the sewing type, maybe you’re intrigued by the Altoids tin emergency candle. I have been collecting those tins for years but have pretty much exhausted my uses for them. This looks like a fun easy project.
What I would love to tackle is one of these patterns based on mathematical patterns. Some of the tessellations and fractal based ones are prettiest, but when you start reading the descriptions others like Counting Pane starting looking really interesting.
Most likely, I will put this adaption of Zimmerman’s baby sweater into adult size on the queue. I’ve had really mixed results with the sweaters that I have tried, but Zimmerman’s patterns are always very good, and the end result is super cute. I’m just trying to decide whether it would look good in a variegated yarn instead of a solid….

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