Simple but addictive

In between tackling chunks of the pile of work in front of me, I’ve been poking and dragging my way through the levels of Untangle. It’s an insanely simple game – dots are connected with lines, and you drag the dots around until none of the lines cross. I am up to level 18 out of 20 and it is getting quite hard, but there is still something soothing about the combination of luck, logic, and trial-and-error that seems to work best for tackling the puzzles. Plus, it’s a pretty game, if you ignore or hide the chat window in the sidebar that varies between inane and obscene. There is the corner of my brain that tells me I could get the same enjoyment – and actually accomplish something useful – by untangling some of my messier skeins of yarn, but I tell that corner of my brain to hush.

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