Dinner Reruns

There are a ton of memes like this, but I’m thinking of keeping my weblogging juices flowing by taking part in these Weekend Assignment weblogging prompts. It is contrived, but looking back the questions seem pretty good.
This week we are asked:

Weekend Assignment #201: To promote a new cooking show, a TV station is going to pay you $500 to eat the same basic meal every day for a week, prepared with only minor variations by their on-screen host. What’s on the menu?
Extra credit: Do you tend to eat the same thing all the time anyway?

For me, the answer to the extra credit pretty much answers the first question. I definitely get in food ruts where I eat the same thing for a week or two straight. I made a huge batch of Susie’s Green-Curry Shrimp last week and have been eating it basically every night since then, making up fresh rice in my microwave rice cooker as needed. I do that with stew and chili a lot also – I can eat either every night for a week easily, especially if it is within the “rules” (or, my own inclination to bake or go to the store) to have fresh bread or biscuits with it.
So, really, this doesn’t sound like a challenge at all so long as it is something I like okay. But, I’ve never understood people who didn’t like leftovers. There is a show on the Food Network right now that seems to be all about how to get three different meals out of the same ingredients and preparation processes – it just seems easier and no less appealing to make three times as much of the first dish and be done with it.

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  1. If there were a prize for the most original answer, you would clinch it with your gree n-curry shrimp. Thanks for playing! I’m compiling the roundup of results now, and will post the next topic shortly thereafter.

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