I guess the snow is pretty at least

The week before finals is the long dark teatime of the academic soul. When it corresponds with the first frigid, blowsy weather of the winter, the mind turns to piles of poofy blankets. Barring that, I end up wondering if we have enough laptops to relocate my small advanced programming class to be held around the campus center fireplace with mugs of hot chocolate…. I start thinking that a brain shawl would be cozy and timely. Or at least decide that I need to get serious about shopping for a new winter coat.
It is not too late to catch up on the 2007 X-Entertainment Advent Calendar, if you like odd stories acted out using Playmobile and LEGO characters, riffing off the contents of toy advent calendars. It’s like improv weblogging.

4 thoughts on “I guess the snow is pretty at least

  1. “Poofy” is the only made up word in there, and I think its meaning is clear :P
    Note taken about the Feeification of the blog – I will post something entertaining later as penance….

  2. I love the line about “the long dark teatime of the academic soul.” Is that original? So accurate. Real.
    Is blowsy a word?
    Holding class around a fireplace with mugs of hot chocolate sounds good to me! You sound like my kind of professor. :-)
    And the weather here last week DID suck, so I think you should complain about it as much as you like. :-)

  3. My opening line is not an original – it’s a riff off of Douglas Adams’ book title “Long Dark Teatime of the Soul”.
    Blowsy is a word, but if you look it up, it doesn’t actually having anything to do with wind. But it *sounds* like it should so I have been using it that way for the past month, to some people’s distress….

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