Yummy, not purple….

Today was a long day, so tonight I relaxed and made a couple of loaves of Rudbeckia’s Buttermilk-Lavender Bread. It is sooooo good! I never bother to bake with buttermilk, even though my dad swears that it makes better pancakes than regular milk, but I tried using it here and it was really worth it. The recipe assumes you are a bread-baking person and will recognize when the “dough holds together like it should”. I found that that took about four cups of flour for me, maybe a little more, but I’m also happy with my bread dough being a bit sticky. The bread turns out only lightly herby – this is not an overwhelmingly flavored bread – but is nice and rich from the butter and buttermilk. Definitely worth trying if you like to bake.

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