Road Trip!

Ooooo! Oooooo! Details about the DARPA Urban Challenge are starting to come out, as the list of semifinalists has been announced along with the location: Victorville, CA. Qualifiers are the last week of October with the actual challenge on November 3rd. All of the expected teams seem to have made this cut. The photos of the site seem “urban” in only a loose sense – I pictured a site with tall buildings and less nature. I couldn’t find any indication of whether there would be a webcast of the event – I would love to go watch in person but it is just a bit far at a bad time of year….
Now I have a few months to decide who to root for – should I be a loyal alum and support Team Cornell, go with local favorites Tartan Racing, or root for Stanford because I like their technology best? It’s a dilemma!

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