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I’m back from traveling for a couple of weeks and am digging out from a backlog of real and electronic email and feeds that I’ve fallen behind on. So, that is going to just be a hodge-podge link dump today of what caught more than my passing attention…
I don’t think I would use the Polar Clock in a web browser or even on my computer, but this would make an awesome digital clock to hang on the wall. The only thing that is a little odd is that the outer ring is the day of the week instead of the year, though that would raise the question of what to use as the starting and ending points, and I suspect haveing an outer ring that changes more frequently than the month ring is aesthetically nice.
This Consumer Reports page lets you watch crash test videos from a wide variety of cars – use the pull down menus to find your car or look for cars that don’t fair so well (Jeep crashes seem pretty dramatic).
Sort of a variant on Galaga with gun upgrades and better graphics, Lone Starship: Defender of the Planet Game is fun and a good balance of challenge with easy controls – I’m usually playing these things on my laptop with a trackpad so games with tricky controls usually don’t work for me.
Don’t go Googlewhacking – go Wikigroaning: my favorite pairs listed in the article are probably “Jet Propulsion Laboratory” versus “Black Mesa research facility” and “List of conflicts in the Middle East” versus “List of furry role-playing games”.

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