I hope those are modern remake fairy tales…..

I browse the various Amazon.com sale pages occassionally, and I was looking at their DVD sales when I found their Girl Power DVD Sale (which hopefully will stay up for a little while so that link will work). I admit up front I have not seen the majority of these films but it seems that their criteria for “Girl Power” is fairly shakey and has little more to it than “has a female lead who is not 100% pathetic”. Yes, some of these are good – I haven’t seen Bend it Like Beckham but I have heard it is a good girl-centered story. The Secret of NIMH is a great movie, and I’m not sure I’d think to put iit in the “Girl Power” category, but it’s not destructive and it celebrates intelligence, so I’ll go along with that. But, Fever Pitch? Really? And, veering into the realm of films that I haven’t seen, they can’t do any better than Hello Kitty Becomes a Princess or a dozen different entries from the Strawberry Shortcake collection? Or a Bratz movie?!?!
It seems that Amazon has just decided to buy into the notion that there are “girl movies” and “boy movies” (with a few cross-over exceptions) and put together a “girl movie” sale under a slightly different name. Even if these films do have some positive gender role messages in them, wouldn’t it then be preferable to get them into the movies boys are watching also?

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