So proud!

Nothing – nothing! – that I could have to post tonight could trump how proud I am of my students right now. I’ve been teaching an electronic design and robotics course, and they have been building line-following robots working up from resistors and transistors and comparators and motors, and with the big competition tomorrow, they look amazing. I was thrilled when the prototyped circuits worked as designed, but these guys have been pusing to get their prototypes actually on the ground and following paths. Today I’ve seen them tackle figure-eights, divergent paths, and complicated looping patterns. I can’t wait for the official competition tomorrow – I think it’s going to be incredibly exciting.
Wish you could be building robots with us? Wish you were building a killer ninja robot? Play around with Robot Rage, where you build yourself a virtual “battlebot” and steer it through battles. You won’t have as much fun as we are, but it’s still pretty cool….

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