Geeky stuff to keep you warm

I’m getting down to the wire on a few projects, so here is some random fun to get you through the middle of the week….
I’m a huge Stephenson fan, so I’m excited that the SciFi channel is making a mini-series out of Diamond Age. It isn’t my favorite Stephenson book, but I actually like it a lot – more than I think a lot of people do. I really love the idea of the instructional friend book/computer. It reminds me of some of the parts of Ender’s Game I liked a lot. They’re having Stephenson do the adaptation, so it might actually be good. And then maybe we’ll get Snow Crash: The Movie!
More fun from the Make Blog: if you know how to wire up an LED without exploding it, you can do this Embarassingly Easy Case Mod. I have a feeling some of my readers will enjoy the radio-controlled potato gun. Finally, I must make myself this Tetris Tote Bag.
And, I must remember to tell my students about the Butterfly Amicus 3000 – a ping pong playing robot.

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