Cutest. Thing. Ever.

This is probably the best electronic hacker project I’ve seen ever: a computer-controlled push puppet for IM notifications. [via JK] How can you go wrong? You get to build a neat robot thing, attached to a cuddly puppet dog, and it contributes to your IM addiction by letting you know when your friends are around! Scroll down for the video – soooo cute! It’s enough to make me switch to Linux….

2 thoughts on “Cutest. Thing. Ever.

  1. I knew you’d like that, I thought maybe you could even use it for your class if you wanted to, but regardless I knew you would enjoy it.

  2. Undecided on whether we’ll build such a thing in class – or if I’ll tackle it as a side project while students are doing their own projects – but you, of course, were entirely right about how much I love the idea of that project :)

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