A Very Geeky New Years to You

The year rolls to an end tonight, and most of the people I’ve talked to have very little exciting planned for this evening. So, whether you are looking for something to distract yourself while waiting to see how badly they manage to mis-time the ball drop or are looking ahead for distractions for tomorrow after festivities tonight, here are some fun things I’ve come across in the past day or two:
A total ad campaign, but Viking Movies challenges you to identify twenty movie titles based on scenes recreated using office supplies. I’m up to having 15 of the 20 correct, but I’m stuck on (from the left) the 8th, 9th, 13th, 14th, and 19th ones. If you get one of those, give me a hint! [via Clicked]
There are tons of “best X” lists floatinig around this time of year, but this list of 25 Really Addictive Flash Games is quite comprehensive and good. The Idiot Test is fun and worth a couple of rounds, I love games like Blueprint where you have to solve puzzles to reach goals (though none are as good as the original, Lemmings), and Stackopolis, where you have to rearrange blocks to match a pattern in a time limit, gets suprisingly challenging. [also via Clicked]
My current game addiction, though, is MotherLoad, in which you direct a mining vehicle under the surface of Mars, collecting minerals to sell to buy more fuel and upgrades to your ship. The graphics are adorable.
Want something hands-on to do to liven up your New Year’s celebration? Make a Steam Candle, really a miniature steam engine powered by a tea light. Very cool!
Questionable Content is a funny and interestingly-plotted daily comic – I highly recommend going back to the start of the strip because there really is a coherent storyliine spanning its entire history, and the backstory is relevant. Also, you don’t want to miss any of the Pintsize strips. [via T]
In closing, 2006 has seen a bit of a rebound in my weblogging, I think, and I’m hoping to carry that forward into 2007. To all of my friends out there who read, I hope 2007 brings you wonderful things and I’ll be thinking of you all with love tonight.

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