My most recently completed knitting project is this beaded mohair shawl, my first attempt at knitting with beads. I followed the “Patagonian Night Sky Shawl” pattern from Knit and Crochet with Beads by Lily Chen, though I included more repeats than the book called for since I wanted a slightly larger shawl. the yarn was a remaindered machine knitting cone that I got cheap a few years ago and had been looking for a purpose for; the beads are iridescent black glass beads – see the detail photo below.
It turns out that knitting with beads is fairly easy, though you have to be a bit careful about keeping the beads on the correct side of the work. The mohair helped, because it had good friction. But, stringing the beads was a huge pain and I had my yarn break a few times because it couldn’t take the stress of having hundreds of beads slid over it. A nice surprise is that the beads give the shawl some good weight, so it seems a bit less likely to slide off my shoulders.
Now I just have to wait for fall to really roll around for me to be able to use it!

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