Alternate Browser

After hearing some positive feedback, I’ve decided to try out the Opera browser for the next week. I’ve been using Firefox, and I loooooove tabbed browsing, but it leaks memory like a sieve, at least for me. Opera, at first glance, seems to have many of the same nice features, plus it has a built-in setting that you can close your browser and have it reopen to the same set of tabs – it is possible there is a plug-in for Firefox that does this, but I haven’t seen it yet. Opera is acting a little sluggish for me, but Iit’s possible that’s just my wireless connection being cranky tonight.
Expect to hear back from me next week about my thoughts after a week of use. I will say that I really like how easy all of the browsers make it to transfer your bookmarks back and forth between them – way nicer than the bad old days….

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