Play nice, Apple

This Slate dissection of the new Apple ad campaign says pretty much what I was starting to think about the ads. They’re funny and I enjoy them, but over the past few times I have seen them, I’ve started to feel sorry for the PC guy. I want him to point out, in the ad about having fun, that he’s going to play the latest shiny new computer games that aren’t yet out on the Mac. Or that at least when the cable modem guy shows up to turn on his internet, he’ll know how to get the IP address on a PC.
I mean, I’m actually partial to the Apple side of the argument, and have seen many examples recently of the same task going smoother on a Mac than a PC. But I think that some portion of the “wow, it’s all so easy all of a sudden” factor people have when the move to a Mac is that they are moving to a new computer.
Damn it Apple – Macs are good geek computers too! You can build databases and write code on them! Give the geek guy some love!

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