Office Supply Woes

I don’t understand why it is impossible to find a pad of blank, unlined 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Not an art pad or anything – what I think is called a “glue top scratch pad”. I’ve been getting them at the campus bookstore, but they don’t sell them anymore, and it turns out nobody else does either. What is so difficult about what I am looking for? Yes, that website I linked sells them, but not cheaply and I shouldn’t have to go online to find such a thing.
While searching around, though, I found the best Wikipedia entry ever: Notebook. How awesome is it that they have four paragraphs on notepads, and can’t avoid a Star Trek reference in that space. Awesome!

2 thoughts on “Office Supply Woes

  1. A computer place that I worked in high school used to actually have these made from scrap paper that people in the office dumped in the appropriate recycle bin. (Obviously, you only dumped things in the bin if they were (1) printed on only one side, (2) weren’t personal or confidential, and (3) weren’t wrinkled.) Unfortunately, I have no idea where they went to get them glued up. Whenever the bin got full of scratch paper, though, a new stack of scratch paper pads, including nice stiff cardboard backing, would appear in the supply closet. Maybe you could find a printer or someone who would do it for cheap?

  2. That’s a good idea – I tend to write my lecture notes one-sided anyway because of bleed-through.
    I ended up just getting some graph paper – the kind with really teeny tiny square. Sort of the opposite in terms of being *majorly* ruled, but if I’m going to draw in the presence of lines, at least on these there are enough to be useful guides.

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