Window on AI

The hot place to be on the web this week is the AAAI-05 Blog being maintained by students at this year’s national conference on artificial intelligence. Full of deep thoughts and robot pictures and speaker controversy and bitching about the beds at the nearby college dorms. Slap a nametag on your shirt and it’s just like being there!

Seriously, I am having a good time at the conference, and it’s jump starting some ideas I had floating around in my brain that got pushed to the side by classes. It’s also nice to see some old friends from grad school, while enjoying the conference from the more relaxing side of the grad school experience.

Update: Just got back from the poster/demo session and wanted to share at least one demo you can try out yourself: Song Search by Tapping. Just like it sounds – you tap out the rhythm of a song on your space bar from their list of known songs, and they try to determine which song you wanted. Obvious ap: online search for that song… you know – the one that goes “deeeee dah dah deeee”…..

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