Line Wars

Oh my – the Seattle Star Wars fan is at it again, settling down in line four and a half months before Episode III is scheduled to open. He’s weblogging his wait this time too – caution, the current top post is a highly obscene rant against those telling him to get a life. Which, I have to say, kind of goes against the screed in one of the posts lauding his waiting as a near-religious defiance of modern consumer culture. Also interesting is this comment, posted in his 1/7/04 “Get a Life” entry:

Hey… I still want to know where you were yesterday morning when your couch had something all balled up to look like you were sleeping.

I was there for a half hour. We wanted to interview you for our morning show. Will you please answer?

Stephanie Rose

Interesting, if you’re into following the scandals of geek culture. Which, if you are, you should definitely find and watch A Galaxy Far Far Away, at the very least for the scene of Star Trek fans, dressed in costume, showing up at a line of Star Wars fans, also dressed in costume and waiting to see Phantom Menace, and heckling them. [via #!/usr/bin/girl]

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