More Space, Less Sports

Oooooo – I’m so ticked off. I’ve had my television tuned to educational access pretty much constantly since they started airing NASA-TV round the clock. It’s the only place (in visual media – their website is great) that actually explains the science and engineering with any detail or accuracy. Listening to their press conferences and then the reports made on the evening news is like watching a big game of telephone, and one where the most interesting bits are left out.
So I switched it on this morning to see how they’re progressing with getting Opportunity up and moving, and some jerk is a New England Patriots jacket is blathering about the superbowl. On educational access! And now they’ve actually switched to airing clips from old football games.
Network television is going to do a fine job covering this game, and there are entire cable stations which will be doing nothing but. Must we be so unintellectual as to preempt the only decent coverage of a historical event for hyping installment thirty-eight of a game?

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