NY State Fair

I’ve meant to go to the New York State Fair for the past several years, and yet it always falls the last week of August and I’m either out of town or just busy, but Friday I decided that I didn’t have anything that couldn’t wait to be done Saturday and I took the day off to drive up to Syracuse and check it out. It had been a long time since I’d even been to a county fair, and I had a great time. The New York fair in particular has really beautiful grounds with nice old buildings for the exhibits. I loved the Arts & Home Center building in particular. It made me start pondering crochet projects of my own that I might enter, though I really don’t need any new projects on my plate right now. Some of the quilts totally blew me away though – I don’t have anywhere near the technical skill that most of them demonstrated. Even the farming exhibits were pretty interesting to look at. Who doesn’t love 4H vegetable sculpture competitions?

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