I’ve always suspected that the quantity of spam I receive was in part my fault – that if I had stayed off the internet, not ordered things off the web, and generally kept a lower profile, I wouldn’t be such a slave to the accuracy of my spam filter. After waking up this morning to 150 and growing spam messages, all of which were forwarded from my Cornell account — which I have never sent e-mail from or cited as my e-mail on any but official Cornell forms — I finally believe that there’s nothing you can do to avoid getting spam-bombed. On the positive side, my filter caught all by about 25 of those messages, and once I corrected it on those few (I’m running a version of the Bayesian based SpamOracle for Solaris which generally does a nice job) it’s caught all of the 50 additional messages which have come in so far today. Now if I could only figure out how to fix wildcard matching in my .procmailrc :(

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