16 Fun Links

I amused a friend of mine today with periodic e-mails of weird and wonderfulness on the web. Now y’all can enjoy too!

  • Here’s some happy silliness to start your day off right: Cats in Hats
  • Whee – very cool scrap metal sculptures of science fiction robot and alien favorites. [via Boing Boing]
  • If you’ve got Flash installed, go check out this Honda ad of an amazing “Rube Goldberg” machine.[via Dave Barry’s Blog]
  • I was pleased that I could place all but a handful of the countries on this map of the Middle East within off-by-one or two of their true location on the map, particularly considering the number of name changes since I officially learned geography in school. And it actually was a relatively entertaining way to get a refresher on exactly where everything falls in that part of the world.[via YTBN]
  • Geek Origami: Make a Starship Enterprise out of a floppy disk.[via YTBN]
  • Distributed computing, like the SETI@Home search for extraterrestrial life screensavers, are pretty cool. I just found another cool one under the suprising name “Seventeen or Bust”. Yes, that’s a “work safe” link, it’s a distributed client for solving the Sierpinski Problem.
  • How can you resist the cuteness that is a crocheted pegasus or unicorn?
  • The Lord of the Peeps: The Fellowship of the Peep
    “Bilbo Baggins! You don’t look a day nearer your sell-by date!”
  • If this picto-history is accurate, the first video arcade game ever was awfully cute. I’d like one in sparkly hot pink for my living room!
  • The collective consciousness tries to draw pictures. Given a grid of black and white squares, select the color of a single pink square to move the image towards the goal description. View the animations of how the grids evolve from initial random states to final “pictures”.
  • “Secret of UFO Propulsion: Ghosts!” [via Bifurcated Rivets]
    “”The only connection I can find between ghosts and UFOs is that occasionally a UFO case suggests that the craft, although physically present, turned itself invisible.” And so, presumably, individual UFO crew members can also turn invisible. “Such invisible ufonauts may occasionally enter a human dwelling and explore it. Naturally, if they accidentally interact with the homeowners then the latter may be convinced that their house is haunted.”
  • The world’s largest natural crystals, over 20 feet long, were found in a cave in Mexico that looks like a real life Fortress of Solitude. [via memepool]
  • Take the Simpsons Personality Test; find out you’re Marge.
  • Rate My Kitten: I dare you not to go “awwwwww” at the screen
  • Move the lights, create funky music: “It’s SPOOKY!” Maybe someone with a better ear than I can figure out what the relationship between the locations and the sounds are….
  • This is possibly the best collection of math and logic puzzles I’ve ever found, most with accompanying applets to help show or solve the puzzle. This is a “lose days playing with it” type of site.

Hope you enjoyed them, D!

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