Why We Didn’t Unionize Revisited

A couple of months ago Vicky from U.S. News and World Report called me up, and I nearly hung up on her, having no interest in subscribing and a general loathing of telemarkers. Good thing I was sleepy and slow on the receiver – with their annual Graduate School Rankings issue came a renewed interest in Cornell grad students’ choice not to form a union last year. The first two paragraphs of the article are online, or you can stop by your local newsstand, flip to p. 66 of America’s Best Graduate Schools 2004 and check out their presentation of my thoughts (wheee – my name’s in the second sentence of the article!). If you are an extremely petty person, you can also notice that this time around the Cornell union organizers were not invited to put their spin on the loss, instead giving space to organizers on other campuses.

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