Victorious Cornell

Wooooooooo! Not that you would know it from watching television, but basketball isn’t the only sport with NCAA finals going on, and Cornell just won its way into the NCAA ice hockey Frozen Four, with a beautiful double-overtime goal shot from pratically behind the goal line. The entire post-season has been exciting this year.
My enjoyment of the games, though, hasn’t been helped by Time Warner Cable. Cornell’s got their first chance to do well in the tournament in decades, and at least Time Warner Cable decided to air it on their local station, but they haven’t actually followed through and made sure the games were aired in their entirety, or with watchable video coverage. Yesterday’s coverage only started 15 minutes into the second period, the first half of the game being plauged with technical difficulties so bad they recommended people just listen to the game on the radio. Today’s game had audio the whole way through, but the video varied between four-frames a second jerkiness, checkerboard interference, and at its best was so over-exposed you could hardly see the lines against the glaring white ice. Yes, Time Warner Cable garnered a great deal of hatred from local hockey fans over the past two days. At least they managed to air all of their commercial breaks successfully….

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