Imperative to Rebuild

It’s pretty clear that everyone has had their minds made up about this war for a while, and we’ve now reached the “talking-past-each-other” phase of debate, but we’ve also reached a point where our options are fairly narrow. I’m upset that events have proceeded such that the only moral thing I think the US has left to do is completely demolish the Iraqi government, but seeing the destruction and chaos, we’ve pretty much guaranteed misery and suffering for the people there if we don’t manage to get our own food and aid into the country. I think that humanitarian concerns were pretty far down on the list of reasons for invading Iraq, but it is now imperative that we follow through with any resources necessary to help the Iraqi people – in the long term as well as the next few weeks. I certainly hope that everyone supporting this war remembers to be equally supportive of large amounts of their tax dollars going overseas in less violent packages over the coming years. Tearing something down is always easier than putting something better up in its place.

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