Affordable Knitting Yarns

Mantaining my sanity lately has involved a lot of knitting, and I’ve fallen in love with J&P Coats LusterSheen. It’s an acrylic sport-weight yarn, but it looks and acts like crochet thread (and is usually stocked in stores with the crochet thread, next to the Speed-Cro-Sheen and Knit-Cro-Sheen). It’s soft and comes in pretty colors and knits up into a beautiful fabric that shows off fancy stiches really nicely. I’ve been looking for a light-weight yarn that I could substitute for the expensive stuff in all of the knitting magazines, and was almost going to break down and try out Lion Brand’s Microspun (this stuff is beautiful and only slightly pricey) but Lustersheen is available everywhere and relatively affordable (Herrschners sells their 1.75 oz/100 yd ball for $1.79 and you can get many of their colors in a 8 oz/680 yd cone for $8.99).

One thought on “Affordable Knitting Yarns

  1. I can’t find J&P coats lusteersheen sport weight anywhere on internet. I have a pattern for a cute baby dress and hat I want to crochet. the color is white and #606 spruce please help.

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