Fussy Cooking, Creepy Gems….

A bunch of little links, which I don’t have many comments for…
I would normally avoid any “news” related URL containing the word ‘heartwarmers’, but this picture is the absolutely cutest thing I’ve seen on the internet all month. [via Eclectica]
While it appears to take a fussier approach to cooking than I prefer in real life, the food weblog Saute Wednesday is very fun fantasy reading. [via Eatonweb]
If you thought NPR’s ludicrous linking policy was an abberation, go check out Don’t Link to Us!, a log of websites with stupid linking policies. [via RRE]
And while I’m not sure intellectually why this is any more disturbing than visiting a cemetary plot or having an urn of ashes, I’m creeped out by this company which sells LifeGems, artificial diamonds “created from the carbon of your loved one”. [via Strange Brew]

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