Unsubtle Solicitation

I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but when I receive an e-mail like the following, I have to assume that the writer is fishing for a homework assignment rather than actually showing interest:

I’ve read your review on Wicked online, and I was wondering have you ever done a in depth character analysis on any of the characters in Wicked by Gregory Maguire? If you have, do you think you can send me a copy, because I am very interested in reading it. I found the novel very fascinating. Thank You.

I mean, really – let’s try to have a modicum of subtlety here. Though I suppose she should get points for soliciting an essay which isn’t currently out on the internet and thus might be less detectable as plagairism. My unkind side wishes I had the time to write an inaccurate and poorly executed essay to send along.

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