Homemade, Semi-Fabulous

I was IMing with a friend last night and we decided that I am the anti-Sandra Lee. Sandra Lee is the frightening person behind the Semi-Homemade trademark, and host of the self-titled Food Network show in which she illustrates how to live the Semi-Homemade life. Every meal in Semi-Homemade world is garnished just so, served at a color-coordinated “tablescape” that usually seems to involve using one’s extensive collection of cake plates as pedestals for the dinner plates, and is accompanied by an also color-coordinated cocktail (but don’t worry – Sandra always shows how to serve out virgin portions for the … Continue reading Homemade, Semi-Fabulous

Scary WW Food

Because everyone’s a fan of Lilek’s Gallery of Regrettable Food, spin-off sites can’t hurt and this collection of Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1974 over at Poundy are a great addition to the genre. The food is horrifying and she’s got some nice snark going too. Just in time for your Friday websurf…