NY State Fair

I’ve meant to go to the New York State Fair for the past several years, and yet it always falls the last week of August and I’m either out of town or just busy, but Friday I decided that I didn’t have anything that couldn’t wait to be done Saturday and I took the day off to drive up to Syracuse and check it out. It had been a long time since I’d even been to a county fair, and I had a great time. The New York fair in particular has really beautiful grounds with nice old buildings for … Continue reading NY State Fair

Stanley Cup comes to Cornell

A full teaching schedule for the past couple of weeks has kept me running, but I’ve been having a great time. It’s all content that I personally find interesting, which makes a huge difference. And despite the crazy work schedule I’ve gotten a few fun outings in. My latest adventure yielded the photo at the top of the page, from here at Cornell’s very own Lynah Rink. Very cool!

Mascot Abuse?

Speaking of hometown sports, the Pirates got an image upgrade last week when first baseman hit a woman in a large foam italian sausage costume over the head with his baseball bat at a game against Milwaukee. There is a link to video of the interrupted “Sausage Race” at that link, and it looks a lot worse than it sounds like it really was. Of course, this caused a huge amount of ongoing commentary, particularly in the Pittsburgh press. The large foam representative of the Allegheny County Health Department, Browny the Burger is fired up by mascot abuse, with one … Continue reading Mascot Abuse?

Mr. Yuk is Green

A friend reminded me today of what turns out to have been only a regional phenomenon, Mr. Yuk, a green frowny-face sticker from the 1970s that parents were supposed to mark household poisons with. Mr. Yuk had a dour, dirgeful theme song which was often played as a PSA during cartoons (you can hear the whole, long thing on his website), and he didn’t believe in sugar coating things for children: Mr. Yuk is mean. Mr. Yuk is green. Home is full of lots of things that children shouldn’t touch. Home is full of bad things that can hurt you … Continue reading Mr. Yuk is Green

Official Dodgeball?

Is dodge ball the next extreme sport? This article thinks so, as do the World Dodgeball Association and the National Amateur Dodgeball Association. As the article points out, the organized, safety-conscious, rules-based version promoted by the WDA isn’t the same game that is popping up on college campuses: The WDA and other dodgeball organizations tone down the game’s violence by using lightweight foam-based balls and outlawing head shots, while emphasizing teamwork. At the WDA website, the extensive rules (four “dodgers” on the inside; three “floaters” on the perimeter) read like a story problem from hell’s geometry class. “Everyone’s going to … Continue reading Official Dodgeball?

Free Nickles

Working too late leaves me with little substantive to weblog. My latest internet addiction has been loading up on free nickles with Amazon.com trivia. I was very frustrated when only my office computer was offering me trivia questions, and even after clearing my cookies they still won’t show up until I visit a subpage or two. But it’s a brilliant advertising scheme that has me checking back daily. Hey – those Babylon 5 DVD’s are expensive – getting a couple of dollars off doesn’t hurt!

Local Pranks Only, Please

Drunken prank call tip: restrict calls to your local area, as your inebriated state will probably prevent you from correctly converting west-coast time to east-coast, and particularly avoid the Daylight Saving switch as you’ll surely miscalculate that 11:30 your time is 3:30 at the house of your friend. Who, by the way, isn’t necessarily the person who will answer the phone. You’ll probably end up speaking to somebody who neither knows or nor cares whether your friend borrowed your vibrator.

Pittsburgh Branding

My hometown’s at it again. Pittsburgh has spent the past couple of years in a serious self-promotion drive, and their latest effort involved training taxi drivers as ambassadors for the city, encouraging quality service through a reward system.[via JRE] I’d be seriously disturbed if my taxi driver started playing the clarinet when the traffic got bad. At least it’s better than their $200,000 effort to develop a “Pittsburgh brand” – a major flop, generating a 45 word statement whose only use is fuel for mocking, such as in the Pittsburgh Branding Phrase Generator Tool, provided by the Pittsburgh-centric weblog YinzerMullet. … Continue reading Pittsburgh Branding

Cool Posters

I’m not a big poster person, but over the past few days I’ve come across a couple of items I’m wishing I had for my walls. I’m tempted to find a poster printer for The Computer Tree family tree of computers of the 50’s and 60’s.[via Larkfarm] And I saw several One Page Book posters in a local bookstore and while I have no need for a poster of the entirety of Macbeth, I still think it’s really cool.

Free Flight Changes

Wow – I was just checking a flight arrival time on the US Airways site and found this press release linked on their front page: US Airways Implements ‘Peace of Mind’ Flexible Travel Policy. ARLINGTON, Va., March 18, 2003 — US Airways announced today that it has implemented the 90-day “Peace of Mind” flexible travel period, effective tomorrow. The “Peace of Mind” flexible travel policy, which is being implemented due to the conflict in Iraq, allows customers to make changes to itineraries for travel originating March 19 through June 17, 2003, without incurring standard change fees. Travel within the U.S. … Continue reading Free Flight Changes