Weblog Anniversary

I missed the actual anniversary, but Screenshot is now four years old, my first entry having been July 24, 1998. On the list of “one of these days” projects is to go through my archives and post at least a selection of my old pre-site relocation entries. My weblogging style has certainly changed over the years – something I think reflects both an evolution of my purposes in weblogging, and changes in myself and my “real life”. To give you a taste, I dredged up my first Screenshot entry, with odd grey background and lack of awareness of other weblogs … Continue reading Weblog Anniversary

Still Chromium

In more weblog clique-age Fairvue has updated Blog.Elements, the periodic table of weblogs, to eliminate expired weblogs and eliminate the nonexistant element 118. I’m proud to maintain my place as Chromium, the shiny fender of the weblog community.

Portal Refreshed

Not much else today since I spent my surfing time cleaning up my portal. All of the dead links are now gone and I worked a few of my bookmarks in. I also noticed that Google finally has my new domain name crawled and I’m back to getting hits through them.